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All About


We identify, assess and prioritize possible threats to your organization/assets and provide preventive measures and risk mitigation & crisis management services in the event of the threat being realized"

Our Offering

Threat Assessment, often underestimated, is the process of gathering critical information on the overall safety levels and threat management procedures of an individual, group of individuals, organization or location. Various internal and external factors are evaluated to define the severity of the risks and recommendations are put forth to mitigate or entirely eliminate these risks.

"Various Internal and External Factos are Evaluated"


Internal Risk Assessment

  • Infrastructure Risks posed by weakening building construction, nature of businesses immediately around the organization, etc
  • Equipment Risks posed by electronic devices, faulty/deteriorating wiring, flammable devices, etc
  • Staff Threat Reports based on background checks of all listed employees with recommendations on how to avert threats placidly
  • Unbiased reports on the capability of the current security protocols to handle various threat situations
  • Malicious and Non-Malicious Threats based on an individual or company's history
  • Risk evaluations for all establishments of an organization (headquarters, front offices, warehouses, lodging facilities, etc)
  • Effectiveness of all electronic surveillance equipments of an organization
  • Compliance Report of adherence with various security regulations
  • Recommended Security Measures to counter all above mentioned threats

External Risk Assessment

  • Risk to an individual or organization from a terrorist faction
  • Regional Threats based on current affairs in the surrounding locale
  • Risks posed by surrounding establishments
  • Risks posed by surrounding religious, political and activist factions
  • Risks posed by surrounding transport facilities such as railways, airports, highways, etc
  • Assessment of organized crime activities within the immediate vicinity of the organization's various establishments
A sizeable portion of threats emanate from within an organization and we help you identify, discretely engage and eliminate such threats.

Why Us

  • In Depth knowledge of security norms, regulations and mandates set by the Government of India and compliance with them
  • Thorough assessment of surrounding locations, neighbouring businesses, individuals and other external factors that may compromise your safety or that of your staff
  • Familiarity and experience with the latest in electronic surveillance equipments
  • Intelligence Driven Prognosis of possible terrorist threats
  • Immediately implementable solutions to the various security loopholes
  • Innovative Solutions that are both effective and affordable