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All About


"For over 2 decades Checkmate Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. has built a safer environment and instilled a sense of calm and peace in our clients through our armed and unarmed guards that are trained to protect their asset at any cost"

Our Offering

Since our inception more than 2 decades ago, our forte has consistently been our highly dependable, effective and professional armed and unarmed guarding services.

Apart from immensely rigorous training from our ex-military faculty our guards undergo hours worth of training in professional conduct, courteous engagement with civilians, threat aversion and crisis management. Our guards are multidisciplinary and serve as an integral portion of your security provisions.

"Rigorously trained in Defence and Tactical Combat"

Services Offered

Unarmed Guards

In environments such as schools, shopping complexes, retail stores and some residential complexes there is a need for surveillance, alertness towards suspected individuals & activities and prevention of intruders from entering the premises. Such activities generally do not require the need for arms and other less lethal forms of protection such as lathis, batons, taser guns, etc generally assist in controlling a disruptive situation.

Our guards are well trained in self defence and aversive manoeuvres in order to contain a situation that has steadily gotten out of control. The lack of arms rarely proves to be a setback for the guards at our organization.

Our guards are rigorously trained in the following.

  • Observant Patrolling
  • Parking Lot Surveillance
  • Containment of Outbreaks at Workplaces
  • Crowd Handling
  • Managing and using Surveillance Equipment
  • Immediate First Aid and Medical Attention
  • Daily Locking/Unlocking a Warehouse or Property
  • Basic knowledge of Computers and MS Office for maintaining visitor logs, check-in and check-out times, etc
  • Strict Adherence to the property's rules and regulations
  • And much more

Armed Guards

With all the training provided to our unarmed guards our 'Armed Guards' are further licensed and trained in handling a firearm. Each guards is put through a relentless amount of training in accurately, safely and responsibly handing a firearm.

Our guards are also psychologically coached to treat their weapon as a final resort in controlling a situation that has ultimately reached the point of no control. The sanctity of human life is deeply embedded in our training and each guard is moulded to retain a calm temperament and to never let the possession of a firearm results in a feeling of power in them. Simultaneously they are trained in protecting their assets with the use of fire-power when the situation calls for it.

In sensitive locations such as banks, security vehicles, V.I.P. escorts, jewellery stores, casinos and clubs, rallies and parades, etc armed guards are crucial towards ensuring the security of the premises, personnel and patrons. The intimidation of armed guards with firearms in many situations psychologically helps in maintaining peace and calm.

Our guards are trained in accordance to Armed Forces Standards in order to contain a situation that has steadily gotten out of control

Why Us

  • Over two decades of training and providing armed and unarmed guards
  • Our guards can be found escorting various bank vehicles with the security vehicles themselves being provided by Checkmate Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Practical, Effective and Responsible training to all our guards
  • Each guard is rigorously trained in using assertive force before resorting to the use of firearms and other less lethal weaponry
  • Guards with high familiarity with various safety rules and regulations for different domains and geographic locations
  • Guards that are trained in immediate First Aid and Medical Procedures
  • Guarantee of the highest degree of professionalism with the guards at Checkmate Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. (guards that are punctual, courteous with guests and visitors alike, dress in the most presentable manner possible, respectful tone of voice, etc)
  • Male and Female guards available with both types trained to handle women and children mildly and respectfully
  • All our guards are trained to operate under pressure in a crisis situation, ensuring the maximum safety of the assets
  • Guards that are healthy, fit and agile