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All About


"Through our accomplished reputation and wide range of specialized services you can be assured about the safety and smooth operations of your personnel, equipment, infrastructure, vehicles and patrons."

Our Offering

Our illustrious history in various security services eventually lead us to providing meticulously planned and immaculately executed Facility Management services. Organizations of all sizes across India peacefully and confidently rely on Checkmate Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. to ensure the safety of their personnel, equipment, infrastructure, vehicles and customers. The rigorous training of our personnel to conduct themselves in the most cordial manner and their ability to passively handle a situation where force isn't required has become the primary reason why our clients retain their trust with Checkmate Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd.

"Meticulously planned and immaculately executed Facility Management services"


  • Full range of Facility Management Services ranging from Security Guards & Parking Personnel to Floor Maintenance Teams, Facility Cleaning Staff, etc
  • Patrol Teams that constantly monitor all activities of the facility
  • Auxiliary services to manage the security provisions for launch events, promotional features and special events of an organization
  • CCTV installations for closed monitoring of facility activities
  • Support Personnel that are trained in providing immediate medical attention
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each client's individual requirements
  • Support equipment such as barriers, fencing, alarm systems, walkie talkies, batons, etc
The scalable nature of Checkmate allows you to never compromise on any of your requirements while still optimizing costs

Why Us

  • Single Point of Contact for various facility management services
  • Personnel that are trained to engage staff, vendors and visitors in the most polite and cordial manner possible
  • Facility Management services that integrate seamlessly in to your current operations
  • Optimum use of staff and equipment to comfortably manage operations and reduce costs
  • Compliance with various Environmental Regulations
  • Specialized training in providing assistive services to Shopping Complexes, Hospitals, Schools and I.T. Parks.