Our Promise of an Incident-Free Event

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All About


"At CISPL we deploy various teams and technologies to ensure that your staff, performers, guests and audience can enjoy your event with a sense of calm and safety"

Our Offering

Frequent terror attacks and unforeseen calamities have put a sense of fear in performers, artists, V.I.P.s, the general public and anyone attending an event. The general notion is that any large gathering of people with live coverage or future telecast can serve as a platform for terrorist factions to make a statement and spread fear.

"We Ensure a Smooth and Stress-Free Event for Everyone"

Securing an event isn't merely about having boots on the ground at the time of the event, it is about having an impenetrable security plan preconceived well before the event, surveillance teams and equipment in place, a backup contingency plan that can be immediately and effortlessly executed in the event of a security breach, escort teams for V.I.P.s and Guests, crowd screening procedures and much more.

At Checkmate our vast experience in guarding services, threat assessment & contingency planning, facility management and crisis management yield a formidable combination that allows us to 'actually' secure an event and ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone.

Services Offered

Securing an event means having a watertight plan of action ready weeks prior to the event and sufficient security personnel, equipment and backend & backups teams in place on the day of the event.

Our Event Management efforts are guided under strict workflows, a brief overview of which is provided below.

  • We know your event better than you do – Weeks prior to the event CISPL's management teams will liaison with your internal and external event management teams to get a micro-level understanding of the proposed schedules and proceedings of your event. Scouting teams will scout the venue for possible environmental hazards such as those that could cause a widespread fire, heavy traffic spots with varying intensities of traffic throughout the time of the event that could obstruct an evacuation attempt, etc.

  • Meticulous Planning – The proposed event schedules and reports from our scouting teams will be meticulously broken down to anticipate various possible threat occurrences and the resulting preventive and counter measures that need to be prepared. If far too many risks are identified with a venue then a change of venue is proposed.

  • Dry Runs – With all the contingencies worked out our teams will execute various dry runs at the venue to detect any further risks and ensure that all safety and evacuation measures can be comfortably executed even in the event of overcrowding, power-out, etc.

  • Co-ordination with Stage, Props and Logistic Teams – Our management will constantly supervise and liaison with your event management teams to ensure that no decorative, seating or branding measures obstruct our security provisions. Entry and exit points are ensured to be entirely unobtrusive. First aid tents are set up in close proximity as well as safe zones identified that may be used to direct crowds to in the event of an evacuation.

  • Barricading and Surveillance – On the day of the event various fences and barricades are set up to ensure that the crowd flow is smooth and that our scanning procedures can be carried our effectively.

  • V.I.P. Protection – If required escort services for various V.I.P.s attending the event can be arranged for right from their residence. Armed and unarmed guards would constantly be escorting various V.I.P.s to their designated seating arrangements, ensuring that at no point is a V.I.P. unprotected.

  • Execution – At time of the event CISPLs various teams would be constantly in action taking care of tasks such as :
  • Access Control, Baggage Scanning and Frisking, Badge Checking
  • Performers Escort Teams, Floor & Stage Security Teams, Guards stationed and patrolling the venue and surrounding premises, Restricted Areas Security Teams, Parking Areas Security Teams, Tour Guards
  • Backend Monitoring Teams
  • And many more

  • Post Event – Stemming from our Facility Management services our clean up teams can be initiated post the event for a quick and thorough clean up of the venue.

As mentioned, listed above are but a mere handful of our Event Management procedures. The culmination of our experienced management, various skilled teams and specialized services ensures a safe, enjoyable and stress free event for your team as well as everyone attending the event.

Our guards are trained in accordance to Armed Forces Standards in order to contain a situation that has steadily gotten out of control

Why Us

  • An impeccable background in understanding crowd behaviour and immediate human responses to various unforeseen occurrences that allows us to react instinctively in the moment
  • All our teams that are on the field during the event are fully briefed on the proceedings of the event and are trained to courteously assist your guests when required
  • Our tried and trusted Threat Assessment services can isolate threats of all magnitudes and provide preventive and counter measures
  • Our Crisis Management teams are kept on standby in the event of a terrorist attack or natural calamity to contain the situation and execute evacuation measures
  • Our range of event management services can be scaled up or scaled down in response to your requirements, hence saving costs
  • Close contact with local law enforcement during the event for traffic reports, threat reports and backup in the event of a security breach
  • Simply put, we ensure a safe, enjoyable and stress free event