Protection Before & During a Crisis

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All About


"Checkmate Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. is experienced in providing dependable and responsive services to protect your personnel and important assets in the event of a major catastrophe."

Our Offering

Statistics depict that 40% of businesses never get off the ground again post a natural catastrophe or a terrorist attack. Globally 90% of businesses close shop within a mere 2 years after going through a natural disaster.

The effects of unforeseen catastrophes worldwide have had an everlasting effect in the minds of people and feeling a sense of security in the workplace is an unavoidable requisite. But the sense of security doesn't end with just immediate protection, knowledge of measures in place for protection in the event of an inevitable disaster is also crucial.

"40% of Businesses never launch again post an unforeseen catastrophe"

Team Checkmate is vastly experienced in providing dependable and responsive services to protect you, your personnel, equipment, finances, other important assets and most importantly your organization's reputation in the event of a major catastrophe. Furthermore, we even evaluate and predict the possible threat situations and provide preventive and protective measures for them.

Types of Disasters

  • Natural Calamities
  • Labour Strike
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Political Unrest
  • Disease Outbreak
  • Top Level Management Shuffle
  • And Many More

Services Offered

  • Armed and Unarmed Guards
  • Patrolling Teams
  • Facility Guarding Services
  • Threat Assessment Services and Corresponding Protection Measures
  • V.I.P. Escort Services
  • Escort Services for commodities such as products, raw materials, cash and other valuable assets
  • Crowd Handing and Evacuation Services
  • Auxiliary Protection Services such as bodyguards for family membersand associates of a C.E.O. or any top level management employee
Our teams can take hard and crucial decisions under pressure to protect you, your staff and assets while a crisis is unravelling

Why Us

  • Vast Experience in providing dependable, effective and affordable security services to government, private and public sectors
  • Utilization of the latest technological solutions for better disaster management services
  • Optimum use of guards, staff, equipment and technology to comfortably manage operations and reduce costs
  • Security Personnel that are rigorously trained to manage Crisis Situations and ensure the utmost safety of your staff and equipment
  • Instantaneous Response to an alarm call
  • Services that are scalable in response to the severity of the situation thus saving costs
  • Realistic Threat Assessment of potential short term and long term threats and pre-emptive measures that can be taken to contain & manage the possible crisis situation
  • Excellent co-ordination with local law enforcement that proves crucial in a crisis situation
  • Superior ability of our top level management and crisis management teams to take crucial decisions to protect you, your staff and your assets in heavy stress situations while a crisis is unravelling
  • Identification of Hot Zones that are very likely to eventually pose a security threat
  • Above par Training in Evacuation procedures
  • Employee Training on how to effectively handle and report asuspected individual, situation or chain of events