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An Insight in to CISPL

In a global environment filled with hatred, vandalism, corporate espionage, terrorism and unrest our nation hasn't fallen back too far. With over two decades of relentlessly providing armed* & unarmed guards, escort vehicles and various other auxiliary security services Checkmate Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. has rightfully forged its name as the most reliable, trustworthy and responsive security services provider in India.

Our organization is committed to understanding each client's unique requirements and providing for services that satisfy their requirements in the most simplest, immediate and professional means possible. It is this voracious approach that has spearheaded us to the top of the security sector and helped us serve renowned names in the Banking, Business Process Outsourcing (B.P.O.), Communication sectors, Industrial, Information Technology (I.T.), Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail.

The Top Brass at CISPL

A company is only as good as its leader and behind the fleet of highly skilled guards, fear-inspiring dog squads, never-ceasing backend teams and diligent escort services is an uncompromising yet down to earth pioneer in the form of Mr. Gurdeep Singh Arora. His objectives are simple - to consistently provide the highest degree of professionalism towards our clients and to protect our clients and their assets at any cost, and in the midst of all of it build a safer working environment for everyone. He is known at CISPL as the Hitler for Legal Compliances and ensures that no legal dues, statuatory payments and any regulatory documents that have to be submitted to the respected authorities are overdue and this notion is reflected across the team.

Moving away from the top level management, CISPL's guards are rigorously trained by retired Defence Service Offers who have each commanded an extensive portfolio in the army. These officers are entrusted with the following responsibilities.

  • Training all guards in General Security Operations as well as Domain-Specific Requirements as per the location of deployment
  • Training a section of our guards in effectively and responsibly handling a firearm
  • Overseeing various dry runs that keep our guards and dog squads sharp and alert to various changing circumstances
  • Manage the backend teams to ensure that in the event of a crisis or during the escort of a V.I.P. or valuable assets all operations are functioning seamlessly and there is no compromise of any degree
  • Training our teams in auxiliary services such as immediate Medical Aid, Riot Control, Fire-fighting, etc

Our Commitment to You

Each member of the CISPL family right from the Directors down to the maintenance staff are pledged to display the highest levels of professionalism, allegiance and transparency towards achieving our goals. This is the cornerstone of the trust and confidence our clients commit upon us year on year.

We understand that threats are never the same and the magnitude of threats are ever increasing, and hence our response to these threats have to be evolutionary and revolutionary as well. This is what drives CISPL to dedicate a majority of its resources towards rigorously training our guards and putting them through various dry runs in anticipation of the possibility of such threats being realised. But guards are just a single element of the security spectrum and we know that. Over the past decade the top brass at CISPL has been scouting the world over for the latest and best in security and surveillance equipment and has successfully integrated these technologies in to the services we offer you.

Early on we progressed from a mere security services provider in to a full fledged 'Threat Assessment' and 'Crisis Management' institution as well. Prevention is always better than cure and in the matters of security anticipation can mean saving a life. Our timely security audits in to the surveillance equipment, security provisions, treat assessment, risk mitigation and crisis management helps foresee the possible catastrophes that can cause grave damage to your company's operations and how to sidestep or counter them.

Tried, Tested & Trusted

Our mammoth 4000+ guards are trained under the guidelines provided by the PSARA Act and our Supervisors are frequently made to undergo Refresher Cadre Sessions.

CISPL is also a member of the Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) and our Managing Director, Mr. Gurdeep Singh Arora, has held the coveted position of the Secretary to the World Association of Detectives (WAD, Asia Chapter) consecutively for three years.

We Can Secure You

Security is not a matter to be taken lightly and this sentiment can be seen to resonate throughout CISPL.

Our services are scalable in response to your requirements and we as an organization place an enormous emphasis on reducing unwarranted services to save your costs while still providing for uncompromised security.

If your requirements matches any of the services mentioned below please do visit the service page to know more or if you require your staff or guards to be trained by us you could visit the 'Training' page as well. If your requirement is very specific in nature you may get in touch with us through our 'Contact Us' page and we would be happy to provide you with a solution tailored for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.